IT’S TIME By Bruce Buffer Personal Care

Train like a Titan. Fight like a Warrior.
Celebrate like a Champion.

Bruce Buffer has introduced the greatest champions in his career as the legendary voice of the UFC and now IT’S TIME for him to introduce you to the world of IT’S TIME Male Grooming.

RBM have the global license rights to produce Bruce Buffer’s fragrance and male grooming products.

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Quality Fragrance

We have developed hard working quality fragrances designed to be worn by authentic, competitive men who need personal care products that will not let them down.

Innovative Design

The world of Mixed Martial Arts has guided and informed our design process. Our standout packaging delivers excellent shelf presence and a quality functional finished product.

Brand Ambassador

Bruce Buffer has served as the official voice of the UFC since 1997. Bruce boasts an impressive total of 2million+ engaged social media followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Target Demographic

Bruce’s unique position within the UFC ensures he has the hearts and minds of our core demographic. We aim to become the go to grooming brand for the 20-35 male demographic.

The Voice of the Octagon

Bruce Buffer has served as the official “Voice of the Octagon” for the Ultimate Fighting Championship since 1997. Bruce has been a constant of the UFC brand for over two decades and is adored by his fans and revered by his peers.His legendary phrase has become synonymous with the UFC with athletes knowing they’ve made it when they experience their own ‘IT’S TIME!’ moment. Bruce brings all of his energy and larger than life attitude to the Octagon every time.

Signature Scents

Encapsulate the excitement and anticipation of your day’s main event with a fresh and functional range of male grooming products.

Innovative Gifting Solutions

Our IT’S TIME By Bruce Buffer giftsets make a fantastic present for those all-year-round special occasions.

Create the perfect giftset by mixing and matching products across our whole RUMBLE personal care range. This fully customisable solution provides our clients with the ability to offer variable price points to suit all levels of consumer spending power. Simply choose the products and promotional gifts, and we will do the rest. The possibilities are endless!