IT’S TIME By Bruce Buffer Prestige Edition

Designed for Champions.

Developed in partnership by Bruce and the world’s finest perfumers, IT’S TIME delivers a signature scent worthy of the truest of warriors.

IT’S TIME By Bruce Buffer Prestige Edition is a perfect accompaniment to our every day personal care range. Using the most quality of ingredients and cutting-edge product design we have created a fragrance for anybody looking for something truly special.

“Face each day with skill, confidence and warrior spirit”
- Bruce Buffer

Built for Champions

Our bottle is decadent and exclusive paired with a scent designed by the world’s finest perfumers. This is a high-end fragrance built for Champions of all generations.

Robust Branding

Our branding speaks to our target customer who will be avid fans of the UFC and aspire to be championship material. Our strong visuals sell the story of our brand and support our message in appropriate retail space.

Product Growth

Our prestige range is expanding into bath and body as well as skin care. Our strong brand principles remain constant throughout NPD additions.

Bespoke Retail Solutions

Bespoke high end display units designed to fully harness the beauty of this product design. Custom solutions tailor made for a wide array of retail destinations.

The Voice of the Octagon
Bruce Buffer

Bruce Buffer has introduced the world’s greatest champions in his illustrious career as the voice of Mixed Martial Arts and now IT’S TIME for him to introduce you to his signature fragrance.

His legendary phrase has become synonymous with the UFC with athletes knowing they’ve made it when they experience their own ‘IT’S TIME!’ moment. Bruce brings all of his his energy and larger than life attitude to the Octagon every time.

The Fragrance

FRESH, SENSUAL & CHARISMATIC Top notes of Mandarin, Bergamot and Quince give a citrus explosion when paired with base notes of Sandalwood, Amber and Vanilla.

Top notes

Sharpness of cardamom, sweetness of apple and zest of bergamot top notes

Heart Notes

Rich notes of orange blossom and nutmeg, encased in the warmth of amber and vanilla

Base notes

Tonka bean, cedar wood and suede allow you to define your own rules and relish life

IT'S TIME Prestige featured on Logan Paul's Impaulsive Podcast


“What does a warrior do? He fights to his last breath. When he get’s knocked down, he gets up and tries to win the war with whatever it takes. I approach everything I do with Warrior Spirit. It’s the only way to live.”

Bruce Buffer