IT'S TIME Energy

Bruce Buffer the legendary sports announcer and voice of the UFC brings you his vision for a functional sugar free energy drink.

Designed with athletes in mind this drink will give you all of the boost of a traditional energy drink but without the crash brought about by high levels of sugar. ITS TIME energy is Elite Performance Fuel loaded with BCAA’s and B Vits.


Late nights, early mornings, and sacrifices. That’s how its done. That’s how you become elite.

200mg Caffeine

Elite performance fuel built for athletes. Each can contains 200mg caffeine, vitamins B3, B5, B6, & 512, zero sugar and no crash!

Innovative Design

Our strong branding highlights all the qualities of a functional sports energy drink but at the same time alludes to our refreshing and fruity flavour.

Brand Ambassador

Bruce Buffer lives the IT’S TIME Energy philosophy. A kickboxing champion in his own right and a fitness enthusiast. Bruce Buffer’s exclamation of ITS TIME is the hallmark of the greatest champions.

Refreshing Flavours

Created by master flavourists our crisp and refreshing drinks deliver a high energy boost with added BCAA’s and B Vits to maximise your workout.

The Voice of the UFC

Bruce Buffer has served as the official “Voice of the Octagon” for the Ultimate Fighting Championship since 1997. Bruce has been a constant of the UFC brand for over two decades and is adored by his fans and revered by his peers.

His legendary phrase has become synonymous with the UFC with athletes knowing they’ve made it when they experience their own ‘IT’S TIME!’ moment. Bruce brings all of his energy and larger than life attitude to the Octagon every time.

Delivering our Message through Social Media

Our social media content highlights our brand message of a healthy and active lifestyle. Motivational messages centered around our core principles of an elite mindset help to convey our brand message to our target demographic.

Branded PT Activation

We have a highly engaged network of Personal Trainers who help deliver IT’S TIME Energy’s message of hard work and maintaining an elite mindset. These in gym activations establish our brand message and utilise tasting sessions to help trial our product.

One of our calls to action is to highlight the benefit of IT’S TIME Energy for use before a workout. High levels of caffeine that are found in our drink can lower mental fatigue, increase alertness and improve mindset. All of these can be demonstrated in our PT activations sessions.