Experienced. Innovative. Agile.

RBM is far more than just a distribution company. We have the capability to manage every aspect of a brand's life from inception all the way through to securing prime retail shelf space. 


RBM’s years of experience bring with them a unique perspective and expertise of all channels and the successes and pitfalls that come with them.


With a strong emphasis on design and innovation, the way in which RBM approaches business and the industry at large is a constantly evolving process.


RBM believes in cutting through the bureaucracy and finding the most concise solution to any problem.


RBM’s strong financial structure and international operations instil a sense of trust and security in all who encounter them.


Celebrating over three decades in the industry and more than 150 years of combined experience, RBM enjoys a rich heritage unmatched by most competitors.


At it’s core RBM is a family business and benefits from the approachability and warmth this imbues.