About RBM

Specialist in the management and distribution of brands worldwide

RBM have a rich and strong heritage, celebrating over 25 years in the industry and more than 150 years combined experience within our team. We benefit from being, at our core, a family business and strive to always represent that in our openness  and approachability . 

Our years of experience in working with the world’s leading brands give us a unique perspective of all channels and the success and pitfalls that come with them. We at RBM believe in cutting through the bureaucracy and finding the most concise solution to any challenge. 

RBM has a strong emphasis on design and innovation and the way in which we approach our day to day business. The industry at large is constantly evolving and our quick and agile approach helps us to continually achieve our targets.

Through our combined experience and our prudent planning RBM’s financial structure maintains our position as a trusted partner to brand owners and licensors the world over.