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“RBM Announce Global License”

We’re really excited to finally announce the latest additions to our brand portfolio with the unveiling of two new global brand licenses covering the sports of Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), under the registered brand names, Let’s Get Ready To Rumble® and It’s Time®. 

Each of the brands will cover different consumer product categories ranging from personal care to energy drinks. They will include the catchphrases and imagery from world-famous and legendary ring announcers Michael “The Voice Of Champions” Buffer and Bruce “The Voice Of MMA” Buffer. 

Michael will lend his iconic delivery to Let’s Get Ready to Rumble®, whilst Bruce’s unmistakable delivery of MMA’s most recognisable phrase will feature in It’s Time®. 

James Phillips, Managing Director RBM, said: “On behalf of the whole RBM team, I am really delighted to unveil these two new brand licenses, which feature global partnerships with the iconic and world renowned, Michael and Bruce Buffer. It is a real privilege to be in a position to work with the most iconic announcers in the world of sports. 

“Both brand product ranges will include different design styles and will highlight our talent for innovative and high quality creative. We are going to have some fun as well.” 
Bruce Buffer said: “My brother and I are thrilled to be entering into a global partnership with RBM. Their ability to capture the essence and exhilaration of fight night has resulted in a hugely entertaining project. 

“Sports fans, especially those keen on Boxing and MMA, will have the opportunity to strive for greatness with a range of products that promise to deliver. To sports and gaming fans everywhere, we look forward to seeing you in the ring!”