R&BM is a privately owned, family business and it was founded in England over 25 years ago.

We are an official international distributor of well known, fast-moving consumer brands and an expert in the safe management of residual stock.

We have a global customer base and we supply into a diverse range of markets and trade channels.

We have developed long-standing relationships with multinational brand owners such as Unilever and P&G. These strong and trusted relationships have enabled us to expand our business into a number of different areas.

With over 50,000+ pallet locations and a network of warehouses located both in the UK and in mainland Europe, we have the storage facilities to manage a wide variety of product categories and can react at very short notice to large volumes of stock.

Excess or Problem Stocks? Surplus Inventory? Overproduction?

 This is just some of the terminology that manufacturers and brand owners use every day to describe what can be a major challenge for their business.

R&BM have been involved in the safe and secure management of branded residual inventory for many years and we have built a very strong track record in this area. In this time we have grown to be the sector’s leading organisation for non-performing inventory solutions. Our expertise is recognised within the industry and this is reflected in our ‘preferred’ status as a clearance outlet for multinational brand owners.

Our methodology of slow and discreet distribution ensures the market is never saturated with excess inventory. Our flexible and diverse logistical network ensures we can consolidate small fragmented markets to target white space that avoids the core channels managed by the brand owner.

R&BM only purchase stock directly from the brand owner and we do not purchase from third parties.

Our strong financial structure means that we can purchase large volumes of stock without the need to secure credit terms. This strong financial position means that we are never under pressure to sell stock quickly due to cash flow constraints.

R&BM specialise in the following product categories:-



Houshold Cleaning


Electrical Beauty